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Who we are, what we do...

Founded in the first lockdown of 2020 in the Northwest of England, ORIGINAL CHARISMA soon grew from a side line hobby in to an absolute passion project, quickly occupying any free time outside of work and family life.

Our founder, a 6'5" 18 stone rugby player never imagined himself sat behind an embroidery machine for hours on end, less so picking and critiquing thread and fabric samples. However, the frustration of shopping online and never quite finding the middle ground between dull and boring and garish and gaudy, that bold yet understated style he so desired led to the birth of EZ Tiger. 

Seeking help from designer and family friend Matt Hopkins after finding a concept of a tigers head logo, Matt totally tore up and re designed it and fully understood exactly what we wanted at the first time of asking, for which the team are eternally grateful. EZ Tiger logo is now a registered trademark.

Our brand ethos is to provide real style, the staples of every Charisma Mans wardrobe, menswear, golf apparel, gym wear, at realistic prices, and from the 100% positive feedback received to date we're proud to say we are achieving, even surpassing our own hopes and expectations.

As a company we made an early commitment never to use professional models to showcase our clothing. We have nothing against models. We are a real working class brand and that is the man our clothes are for, real, "normal" blokes, you, your Dad, your get it. Whether he's got a six pack, a Dad bod, a full on bought and paid for beer gut, he wants to look the part, and we believe he wants to stick with the classics, polos, T's, hoodies, etc...But he wants a fresh spin on it, not the same old logos from the same old brands.

That is where EZ Tiger comes in. With our signature black and orange always incorporated our logo is a representation of the Sumatran Tiger, strong, fierce, a presence, it represents the Charisma Man in all those ways, and like him is unfortunately an endangered species!

The Charisma Man is an individual, and our garments reflect this, each one branded by hand, by us in the UK. This can sometimes mean orders can take between 2 and 14 days to be with you. Please believe that we do everything we can to have them with you as soon as we possibly can.

If there is anything more you would like to know about us, our clothes, our brand, please check out our social media channels or feel free to email us at

and we will get back to you as soon as we can.